Windindi is a company that was started by Thomas A.Chumbley with the help of his father, Thomas M. Chumbley. The company started 2006 but started officaly in late 2007. The company was first inspired by Thomas M. Chumbley's video production first called Chumbley Productions and now has a You-Tube acount.

Windindi started out with "Tuesday comics" called Tom and Rodrick. Four months later, the comic left out Rodrick because the person who drew him left. The comics became Thomas: The Hedgehog Whale in 2008. In 2010, the comic was some-what good to people, but there was something wrong. The issue was the title of the comic, refering to Sonic The Hedgehog. The name of the title was changed to The Sapphire Prince in mid-2010 in May. Later on in 2011, The adventures of 'Mick'y Mc.Toy, SONICMAN, and Fire Soul were added to the roster of Windindi. All other universes were added in 2012.


Starter Characters

Thomas – The Sapphire Prince

Toto- Toto and Milo, it’s a crazy world out there

Ryan- Fire Soul


Mick’y Mc.Toy – The adventures of Mick’y Mc.Toy

Gus- The Ying Chronicles

Captain Pencil- Captain Pencil: Protector of the school

Liana- Legend of the 19 swords

Alvin- Alvin and the Chipmunks

Sackboy- LittleBigPlanet

Big Daddy- Bioshock

Pikachu- Pokémon

Robin- Teen Titans

Unlockable Characters